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At Bathrooms London, your trusted source for bathroom installations and refurbishments in Hackney, we understand that choosing the right toilet is more than just a practical decision; it's a design statement.





Diverse Toilet Options

With an array of toilet options available, we offer more than just the traditional close-coupled toilet. In this classic design, the cistern sits prominently on the back of the pan. While this style remains a cost-effective and functional choice, we recognise that many homeowners prefer a more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing solution.



The Concealed Beauty: Back-to-Wall Toilets

For those seeking a cleaner, more seamless look, consider our back-to-wall toilets. With this design, the cistern is elegantly concealed either behind a stud wall or within a sleek furniture unit. Say goodbye to unsightly pipework and welcome a bathroom that offers elegance and sophistication.



Embrace Minimalism: Wall-Hung Toilets

To achieve the pinnacle of minimalist design, integrate a wall-hung toilet into your bathroom scheme. These toilets not only provide a sleek and contemporary aesthetic but also cleverly hide all the inner workings behind a discreet stud wall. Accompanying the wall-hung toilet is a WC frame to which it securely attaches, resulting in a contemporary, practical and stylish bathroom.



Enhancing the Details: Flush Plates & Buttons

The beauty of concealed cisterns lies in the details. You'll need a flush plate or button to operate the toilet efficiently; while it may seem like a small detail, it offers an opportunity to infuse your bathroom with character. As London bathroom installations specialists, we offer a wide range of looks and finishes to match your bathroom's overall theme and design.



Enhance Your Bathroom Refurbishment in London With Bidets & Shower Toilets

For those with ample space, a bidet can be a hygienic addition to your bathroom. Placed adjacent to the toilet, it not only enhances cleanliness but also contributes to a balanced and harmonious aesthetic. Alternatively, you can embrace the latest in bathroom technology with a high-tech Japanese-style shower toilet. This innovative marvel combines the functionality of a WC and bidet in one unit. Using a convenient remote control, you can adjust the wash mode, water temperature, and even activate the drying feature for ultimate comfort and cleanliness.



Luxury Bathroom Designers in London

At Bathrooms London, we are more than just a bathroom installation and refurbishment company in Hackney. We are your partners in creating bathrooms that reflect your style, needs, and preferences. Our team of experienced designers and installers are dedicated to transforming your interior design visions into a reality. Explore our range of high-quality, functional toilets today and begin planning your ideal bathroom with our London bathroom renovation experts.

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